Battle of the Valiant Universe

“Battle of the Valiant Universe” is a free-to-play collectible card game. Its exclusive game mechanics include real-time PvP, combos, and power-ups which are making it one of the most exciting online collectible card games yet. With a focus on innovation and the best user experience, in early game testing sessions, Silent Legends, is receiving praises from players of all kinds who are calling the game experience “pleasantly addictive.”

In “BotVU” players have to demonstrate lighting quick thinking during real-time PvP by creating ubiquitous combo’s, properly using annihilating power-ups, or risk being extinguished themselves… The game takes place in the super-hero world of the Valiant Universe, a universe where anything can still happen. The fight to survive is real and omnipresent, and one must prove themselves in each battle…

In this exploit for the competency and immortality, you will be able to:

• Create your own battle troops by mixing hundreds of available cards
• Develop your own strategies, combining all different elements of cards and power-ups
• Battle & conquer other players’ troops to increase your own resources
• In addition to Standard tournaments, you will be able to participate in Master and Grand-slam online tournaments by invite only